Quitting smoking can be a really hard thing to do. For long-term smokers, this is a major habit to have to break. With so many options out there though, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a solution that works for you. For those looking for a smoke-free, replacement for cigarettes, snus pouches could be the way to go. You can find them on snusdirect. Developed in little tobacco pouches, snus is designed to be placed under a lip, where the bag touches the skin transferring the nicotine directly into the bloodstream so that you can get your fix.

Does using snus work?

Originally created in Sweden, snus appears to be working pretty well in reducing the numbers of smokers, at least in that country. In fact studies have shown that a whopping 71% of smokers who used snus were able to quit smoking completely. It’s pretty impressive when compared to the 54% of quitters who did so without the aid of snus. Despite this, it’s still banned in the EU under the assumption that the opposite could occur – snus could be a gateway product that encourages youngsters to actually start smoking! There’s also concern that different levels of nicotine within snus will have different results.

Tobacco-free alternative

But what if you are wanting to quit using tobacco? Can snus help in that regard? The answer is also yes! There are now tobacco-free snus products available. LYFT nicotine pouches are made from 100% white snus and come in a great range of flavours. They are completely tobacco-free, so no more worrying about yellow teeth, an added bonus!. Available in slim pouches, they are easy to discreetly slip under the lip. Containing the same nicotine levels as other snus products, LYFT pouches are perfect for any occasion when you crave a cigarette. So they can really help if you are trying to quit smoking.