I know that time is tight and you do not want to be doing housework all of your spare time but it has to be done. We can look at things that should be done at different intervals, daily, weekly, monthly and annually. or for more maximal and effective results. You can use house cleaning toronto services.

On a daily basis there are the beds to be made as it is always at night nice to fall into a bed that is neat and tidy. After breakfast, before you go out you should do the washing up of the crockery and cutlery you used. It is a health hazard to leave this all day not done. Similarly more to be washed after your evening meal. If you have a dishwasher, this bit is easy.

Make sure that you thoroughly clean your work surfaces and tables that you eat off each time that you use them Bacteria love to inhabit these areas if there is even a scrap of food for them – and they do not eat much. The kitchen and toilet definitely need to be cleaned daily.

Before you go to bed just do a general tidy up of any rubbish lying around. It will seem much harder work next morning when you are rushing to get off to work.

Each week you should clean the floors and vacuum the carpets of all the rooms that you use on a regular basis. This vacuuming should be done before the dusting as it does produce clouds of dust.

Other dust build up even when we are out all day so you will need to use a duster on all the shelves, television, computer and other similar things. Start at the highest level and work downwards.

Every month it is a good idea to clean the windows, inside and out, get a long handled brush and get rid of all the cobwebs that have collected and wax any floors that need doing. You can also wash down the woodwork and do not forget to clean the light switches.

On an annual basis you should get your curtains and carpets professionally cleaned. Steam cleaning is as good a way as any. They will last you a lot longer if they are looked after like this regularly. Clean out your cupboards and get rid of all the stuff that went past its sell by date six months ago.

That should keep your home neat and tidy but, more than that, healthy for your family to live in.